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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day 16: En Route to N.H.

We’re enjoying another breakfast at the Common Good Cafe where it’s a little hectic this morning due to the crowd, most of whom are unfamiliar with the partly do-it-yourself procedure. We’re sitting next to a nice retired couple who are originally from NY but are living in Florida now and are frequent Maine visitors. The guy at the table on the other side is a retired finance professor from Tennessee on his first trip to New England. It’s fun to be in the type of place where nobody is rushing you to leave and it’s perfectly acceptable to have a long multi-table conversation. After breakfast we’re headed to Portsmouth, NH where we’re going to enjoy a shower at the inn where we have reservations since we decided not to take advantage of the quarter-operated showers at the camp store down the road ($1 for three minutes, $480 for the whole day, as the park service employee who checked us in noted). In keeping with theme of “P” cities I think we’ll stop in Portland, ME along the way too just because we can.