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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day Nineteen – Scranton by 3 o’clock or bust

by Eric
We slept in this morning. It was quite relaxing to not have to be anywhere until later on in the afternoon. I stayed up later than I should have the night before talking to my sister but it’s not often that I get to do that and I do so enjoy our talks.
Amanda and I slowly started our day with a shower and a light breakfast and more conversation. It wasn’t long before we realized that we needed to be in Scranton by 3 o’clock so Amanda could go on the tour of the coal mine. So we quickly loaded the car, said our good byes, and headed off. Unfortunately we couldn’t seem to leave Connecticut. Our directions told us exactly what roads to take to make it to the interstate in New York. It seemed, however, that the closer we got to the state line the worse the roads got. We couldn’t actually find the road that we were looking for to cross from Connecticut to New York. We stumbled our way onto the interstate, finally, and headed west.
We rolled into Scranton with five minutes to spare. Amanda ran up to the mine, met her mother, and was whisked 300 feet underground. I’ll let her talk about her underground experience, herself, as I would not do it justice. After the coal mine we drove to the hotel, checked in, got all of our bags upstairs, and then promptly left to go find supper. If Scranton doesn’t have a hundred Irish pubs I’d be surprised. The one across from our hotel served very good food, though, and I ate my fill.
After supper we played card games in the lobby until we all got tired.
Tomorrow we plan on visiting Steamtown National Historic Site and then on to Ricketts Glen State Park.