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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day 21: The End

The tents have been rinsed and repacked, the laundry washed, and at least some of the gear stowed away, so here’s looking back on a fun trip…

We wrapped our vacation up on Friday with a long drive back to Virginia. Traffic through Pennsylvania was rough due to construction (or at least construction signs and a lot of traffic cones blocking one of the lanes on 81). We were in good spirits though after a morning hike in Ricketts Glen State Park on a trail that passes by 22 waterfalls. We didn’t hike the whole thing and discovered on the first waterfall that the camera batteries were dead, so both good reasons to make a trip back. There are a number of other places we saw on this trip, including Provincetown in Cape Cod, that we’ve decided we’d like to go back to- although possibly in the fall or spring so that crowds aren’t so large. All in all, a great experience and we’re looking forward to our next adventure.

Parks We Camped In:
Allaire State Park (NJ)
Worthington State Forest (NJ)
Burlingame State Park (Charlestown, RI)
Shawme Cromwell State Forest (Sandwich, MA)
Nickerson State Park (Brewster, MA)
Camden Hills State Park (Camden, ME)
Acadia National Park, Seawall Campground
Ricketts Glen State Park (Benton, PA)

National Areas Visited:
Gateway National Recreation Area (Sandy Hook, NJ)
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (NJ and PA)
Cape Cod National Seashore (MA)
Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, ME)
Steamtown National Historic Site (Scranton, PA)

States Visited:
New Jersey
Rhode Island
New Hampshire

States Passed Through:
New York
West Virginia

Animals Spotted:
Bear (thankfully not in our campsite)

Tolls Paid:
Chesapeake Bay Bridge (VA)- $11
New Jersey Turnpike- $2.35
Garden State Parkway (NJ)- $1.35
Dingman’s Bridge (PA)- $1
New York- $1
Bridge to Newport, RI- $4
Maine Turnpike $4.75