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Month: April 2012

Back to Front and Front to Back

Getting the hang of rolling from back to front.

Once again in pursuit of the musical, light up snail, Harlan is now rolling from his back to his tummy. He’s still having a little trouble getting his arm out of the way so he can get all the way over, but I suspect sooner than we’re ready for he’s going to put it all together into a 360 degree roll. We’ve got quite a bit of baby proofing to do before then!

Now that he can both roll off of his tummy and lift his head up so he’s not eating the floor, mat time, including tummy time, is much more entertaining. Of course he still won’t perform upon request (Katie, Joe, he really can roll, not just lay there and cry!).

Daddy is so funny!

He had a great trip to Maryland this weekend. He got to hang out with some bigger kids and get hugs from lots of new people. Last night he finally broke a week-long trend of terrible, sleepless nights. He had been screaming and waking up every hour or two and then refusing (loudly) to go back down. He still woke up three times last night, but he did it quietly and went right back to sleep after a diaper change and a snack. Two of the other kids we were visiting with had bad nights though, so I’m a little suspicious that there wasn’t some collusion going on. I think Harlan told the other two, “Look guys, I’ve been screaming for a week now. Think you two can take a turn tonight keeping everybody awake.” And I was hoping they’d be a good influence on him, not the other way around! Here’s hoping everybody has a restful night tonight!



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Height/weight update

Harlan’s been to the doctor this morning.  His latest stats are:

Height: 24.75 inches
Weight: 12 pounds 3 ounces
Head circumference: 16.25 inches

He received three vaccinations and was a really good boy during the entire procedure.

The doctor gave him a thumbs-up for health and told us we could start feeding him some rice cereal.  He also received a sample of some sunscreen that we can use since, well, he is our kid and we don’t like to stay indoors any longer than we have to.  He’ll be going back for his six-month checkup but until then he’ll be trying some new foods and continuing on with his adventure of discovery and learning we all call life.

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Harlan’s rolling!

I’ve been helping Harlan practice rolling over while he’s been doing his tummy time.  He’s never really put it all together until today.  There are several motions required for him to roll over.  First is arm placement: one arm needs to be up and out of the way while the other pushes up.  Next is hip rotation: this is the key to rolling, really, as it provides rotational inertia to keep him moving.  Last is the legs: they provide another push to get things moving.

Harlan has gotten these things put together and now he can roll at will!  As his grandpa says, “something they couldn’t do yesterday, they’ll wake up and do it today”.  I wonder what he’ll do tomorrow?

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Nags Head and Manteo

At Jennette's Pier
At Jennette's Pier

Harlan has been venturing into new realms today.  This morning we decided to head over to Roanoke Island and see what was open in Manteo.  Parking in Festival Park, we walked along the boardwalk that overlooks Shallowbag Bay and some of the nearby canals.  Much of the flying wildlife were grounded due to the strong winds but that didn’t stop a rabbit from greeting us.

Harlan helped find a geocache that was hidden next to the Manteo lighthouse after having lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Unfortunately the book store was closed so we made our way back to the motel for nap time.

Later in the evening, just before sundown, we made our way to Jennette’s Pier where, after a small donation, we made our way out onto the ocean.  It was still windy but not as bad as it had been earlier in the day.  Harlan was wrapped up and being kept warm in his carrier.

We made our way down the pier, stopping to admire the wind-turbines, and found someone catching what was first thought to be a large fish but turned out to be a ray.  Harlan paused for pictures and then we made our way back down the 1000-foot pier.

Inside the building at the foot of the pier was a gift shop (postcards – check) and a “small” aquarium filled with several species of large fish.  Harlan was able to focus in on the fish as they swam by and seemed to enjoy just watching them go by (perhaps an aspiring marine biologist?).  We then made our way back to the motel to eat and get ready for bed.  Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day, as well, with plans to visit the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’ museum in Hatteras Village.  I hope we can all sleep in spite all the excitement.

Harlan looks for fish.
Looking for fish.
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First trip to the beach!

Harlan walking in the sand.
Harlan in the sand.

Harlan had never been to the beach until now.  Quite surprising since his parents are usually such beach bums.  We’ll blame the cold temperatures of winter on the introduction delay.  So just before Harlan turned four months old we took a short vacation to Nags Head.

Unfortunately it’s still a little early in the season.  With temperatures in the mid-60Fs it’s definitely not shorts weather just yet.  That’s okay for Harlan since he shouldn’t be wearing sun screen until he’s six-months old.  The weather didn’t keep him from putting his feet in the sand near Jennette’s Pier. A bit too chilly for sticking his toes in the water though.

It’s been overcast and rainy so we spent part of the afternoon inside the motel or sitting on our balcony overlooking ocean. When it looked like the rain had cleared up Amanda strapped Harlan into his carrier and we went for a walk. It started to drizzle a bit, but Harlan stayed cozy under the rain hood of the carrier and in fact napped for most of the walk.

It’s going to be such fun to come back when Harlan is a little older and can walk and sit up by himself and play in the sand. There are sandcastles to be built and shells to be collected!


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