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Month: December 2012

Harlan meets Santa

Harlan meets Santa
Harlan meets Santa

Last night at the Anne Arundel Radio Club holiday party Santa made an appearance.  Unfortunately Harlan didn’t feel the love even though Santa had brought him a present.  In Harlan’s defense he hadn’t been feeling well all week and being in a room with a bunch of other people he didn’t know didn’t make him feel any better.  The other kids there seemed to enjoy themselves, though, so it wasn’t a complete bust for Santa.  Like the other kids, Harlan seemed to enjoy his gift.  Some kids received Legos, another received a Mr. Potato Head, and Harlan received a puzzle with pieces that squeak or rattle or do other things.  Harlan spent most of the party on Daddy’s shoulder napping.  We’re hoping he’ll be feeling better soon.

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I’m One! had a great birthday party celebrating all of our abilities to make it alive through his first year.  All week our mailbox has been filled with happy birthday wishes and the little slips of yellow paper we receive when there is a package to pick up.  Clothes, stuffed animals, and other items of fun (books!) have flowed into Harlan’s life and he seems to slowly be adding the items to his daily activities.

Our friends Lisa and Naciem were nice enough to provide their home as a venue for the event.  Naciem and I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. the morning of Harlan’s birthday baking two cakes and making frosting.  Earlier we had gathered items from the store for a making the cakes from scratch and a taco lunch as well.  The next day started around 11:30 in the morning when people started arriving and kids started running  amuck.  We were able to have Nana, Papa, Aunt Traci, and Aunt Jill join us via Google+ Hangout. We were happy they could attend, if only virtually.  All the kids seemed to enjoy talking to Nana throughout the party.

Everyone (including his other grandmother on the phone) sang the traditional “Happy Birthday to You” song before Harlan was presented with the single candle marking his accomplishment, and, not knowing what to do with it, was assisted by Daddy in extinguishing the flame.  Harlan didn’t take the opportunity to smash cake onto his face and hair but rather sampled both the chocolate and lemon cakes.  Presents were opened and naps were taken.  All-in-all I believe fun was had by everyone.

I’m in awe at everything Harlan has learned in the past year.  Coming into a foreign world where nothing makes sense to being able to climb and explore all over every square inch of any location he visits and remember how to manipulate tools that make life a bit easier or more entertaining is impressive.  In the last year he’s visited six states, taken a train trip, seen a wedding, gone hiking, sailed the Chesapeake Bay, made lots of friends, visited numerous museums, read countless books, and that’s just the start.  What his second year will bring no one knows but we sure hope he stays exploring and questioning everything around him.

More pictures of his birthday party can be seen on Flickr.  Oh, and if you missed it…

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