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Month: January 2013

More walking

There is really no stopping him now.  I think he just wanted to make sure he could walk before actually walking.


Late One Year Check-Up Update

Harlan was about a month late for his one year check-up and I’m about a week late posting his new stats, but better late than never. After getting over a stomach bug that had him down to 17 lbs, 10 oz when I took him to the doctor recently, Harlan put back on some weight and was up to 19 lbs, 1 oz at his check-up last Saturday. That put him back on the 3 percentile growth curve for weight. His height was 28 and 3/4 inches. And his head circumference was 46 and 1/2 cm. He was, as always, a good boy at the doctor’s office, only crying for a moment at the three shots he got for immunizations. Unfortunately, the nurse discovered the ear infection he had along with the stomach bug still hadn’t cleared despite the antibiotic he was on, so he got a new antibiotic to try. A week later now he’s still tugging at his ear though, so I’m not sure that round worked either. He goes back in another week for a follow-up, so we’ll see.walking

And of course for the most exciting development (as shared in the recent video post)- he’ll be able to walk into the doctor’s office next time. After deciding of his own accord to let go and head out into unprotected floor space two days ago, he is toddling around like a champ now. Since he cruised for so long, he’s got good balance and really looks like he knows what he’s doing. Also on Thursday he figured out how to blow into what is essentially a frog-shaped kazoo, so he’s been walking around with that pressed to his lips. He got some practice with drumsticks at my friend Elinor’s house the other day, so I think we could put some bells on his ankles and turn him into a one-man band. We’d never get any sleep (not that we do now), but I bet he’d find it hysterical.

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Happy Holidays!

These aren't real!Harlan may not have understood that it was Christmas morning, but he woke up at 6 a.m. anyway. I kept him from waking everyone else up and tearing into any presents until his grandma got up though. He was delighted to discover new toys to play with and happily spent the morning clapping together wooden puzzle pieces and pressing buttons on his various new playthings. He took full advantage of lunch offerings as well, enjoying mashed potatoes, turnips, and cheesecake among other dishes. He may not remember this Christmas any better than he remembers his last one, but we certainly enjoyed celebrating it with him.

Harlan has had a busy holiday week as well, which is why I’m just getting around to this post. My friends Katie and Joe came for a visit and then we went to a New Year’s party last night (kids and adults all rang in the new year at 8 p.m., but Harlan woke up at two minutes till midnight anyway just to make it official). He had a rough couple weeks leading up to the holidays with colds, a stomach bug, and an ear infection, but we’re all in good health for 2013 and hope it stays that way. Harlan’s New Year’s resolution I hope is to be brave and take more than three steps without holding on to something. I know we’re in for a lot of chasing him around then, but I’ll be glad to spend less time worrying about public floor cleanliness. I can then devote that extra energy to identifying, well, pretty much everything in sight that Harlan points at wanting to know what it is. He regularly surprises uHarlans with new words (Eric says he pointed at and identified my radio the other morning. A ham in the making), and we all giggle at imitating various animal noises (roar, woof, baa, neigh, and meow are his favorites).

I can’t wait for all our adventures in the new year!

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