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Month: February 2013


Harlan’s communication and comprehension skills as blossoming.  Although he answers most questions with an emphatic “No!” with little correlation to how he actually feels (or if the question even merits a “yes” or “no” answer), he also shows an ever-expanding degree of understanding.  He gamely responds to queries of “What does a cow/horse/dog/etc say” with the correct animal noise (although I wonder if he’s rolling his eyes on the inside thinking, “How many times do I have to tell these idiots that a sheep says “baa.”).  He recently learned to complete the end of the sentence “The train goes chuga chuga chuga…” with “woo woo!” (Thanks for all the practice over Christmas, Grandad!).

He’s also following basic instructions.  Put on Daddy’s shoes, hat, etc.  Pick up such and such.  Hug George the monkey.  He knows his own socks and shoes go on his feet and tries to put them on.  He can also sort of get on his own bib and hat.  He obediently will pick up and take any object to a directed person as well, which is a wonderful distraction when you need to get him to stop doing whatever he’s doing and keep him busy for a minute.  Harlan, take Daddy the brush.  Harlan, go give the brush back to Mommy.  The other day he dropped a piece of chicken on the floor when he was done eating, which I scolded him for doing.  Then I wiped his face and put him down on the floor to play.  A second later I felt a little hand in my lap depositing the half chewed piece of chicken on my leg.  Thanks pal.

He also has figured out that he can ask us to do things too.  Last Sunday I laid down with him for a nap.  He woke up first and started jabbing my closed eyelids.  “Eyes!  Eyes!” he demanded.  When I managed to groggily open my eyes and sit up he began pointing at the closed bedroom door.  “Door! Door!” he ordered.  Yep, time to get up and go play.  And when Harlan is ready to go, he’s ready to go.  “Door” is becoming a frequent demand.  When Eric picked him up from daycare Thursday he was ready to go.  He shouted “Da Da” and put his arms into the air to be picked up.  When Eric obliged he pointed at his bag- “Bag,” he ordered.  The he pointed at his coat.  “Coat,” he demanded.  Finally, “Door!.”  Time to go home.

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