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Month: April 2016

Four Months Old

I’m four months old! I’m not going to smile about it though.

My sweet baby is four months old! She’s a smiley little girl who loves snuggles. She’s discovered her hands are great for putting in her mouth, as is anything and everything else she manages to grab ahold of. She’s also a chatty little one. To say she coos would suggest general babbling directed at nothing in particular. Elise’s “cooing” is more like delivering an impassioned monologue of baby speak.

Yummy hands

She looks at you with such intensity and moves her eyebrows up and down as if for emphasis; you really feel like she has something very important to impart but just isn’t doing it in English.


She had her four-month check up yesterday and put on an excellent demonstration for the doctor of all her new skills. Also, the doctor believes the bump on her eyebrow is an angioma, which generally grow for about the first year of a baby’s life and then shrinks. So hopefully that won’t require any intervention. The cashier at the store where we stopped after her

Look at the camera? Nah.

appointment thought it was a bruise and said it made her look tough. I hope the bump goes away, but she stays a tough little girl. (She’ll need to be to keep up with Harlan!) And now for her stats- She weighed in at 12 pounds, 7.5 ounces, putting her in the 15th percentile. She also got a bit taller and is now 24.25 inches long, putting her in the 35th percentile. And finally, head circumference is 39.5 inches, putting her in the 15th percentile.


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