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Month: May 2016

Trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Hiking with Daddy
Hiking with Daddy

This was the first trip to the Appalachian Trail for Elise so Harlan had to show her the ropes. Twice a year we go over to Meadow Mountain, near Love, Virginia, to do maintenance along the Appalachian Trail. This includes clearing downed trees, trimming back the vegetation away from the sides of the trail, updating blazes, and verifying the cartographic data I’ve been collecting over the years.

This year Amanda, Harlan, and Elise decided to stay on the sidelines while Jerry, Etta, Jordan, and I worked the trail. Jordan and I hiked in on the fire road that led directly to the Mau-Hau shelter where we did an inspection of the area and then worked our way back over Meadow Mountain to Reed’s Gap.  Once maintenance was complete we went back to the cabin and enjoyed a nice meal.

This is shortly before he fell in the river
This is shortly before he fell in the river.

Sunday is traditionally our day to wander over to the Wye River and explore the shoreline, cross the swinging bridge, and just goof off before heading for home.  The river was higher than it was in the Fall and Harlan, who fell in last October, was warned against falling in this time.  That lasted a good twenty minutes before splash!  At least he knew where not to fall in and, in this case, it was less than a foot deep.

Looking out at the world
Looking out at the world

Harlan is generally cautious when he goes exploring but that doesn’t stop him from finding some really great places to explore.  He’s also become a pretty good rock climber!  Elise has been watching and will, no doubt, be catching up to her big brother soon.

Speaking of Elise, she enjoyed being outside, watching the river, and hiking along the trail.  I’m hoping by next Spring she’ll be able to put some mileage under her own feet instead of being carried.

Below are some pictures from the trail:

Picture of Amanda on the Wye River
Amanda on the Wye River
Sitting on a rock... with a little help from Mommy
Sitting on a rock… with a little help from Mommy
Picture of Harlan and Dad watching the Wye River.
Harlan and Dad watching the Wye River.
Climbing on tnhe rocks... no help needed
Climbing on the rocks… no help needed
My little super man
My little super man
A view from the top of Meadow Mountain.
A view from the top of Meadow Mountain.






Picture of the Christensen Family at the AT Wye River crossing.
The Christensen Family at the AT Wye River crossing
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Five Months Old

Five months old is delicious!
Five months old is delicious!

I remembered a day late that Elise just turned five months old! So here’s a five month and one day picture. It was a quick morning photo shoot before dropping her off at daycare. She decided to take the opportunity to drool all over the sticker. All the teething toys that Harlan didn’t care a thing about- she’s happily gumming away on them (along with absolutely anything else she can get her hands on and fit in her mouth). Sophie the Giraffe is looking a little shell-shocked. She had it easy with Harlan, some repetitive squeaking, but no all out gnawing with drool dripping down her legs like she’s being subjected to now.

Harlan striking a pose after trying to photobomb Elise’s five month shoot.

And speaking of Harlan, he decided to join in on our picture taking. He’s currently into superheros and transformers, so the Superman shirt he has on gets a lot of wear. He also picked it out to wear last Friday for show and tell day. The theme was to bring in something that started with the letter S. He chose his Space Shuttle Slippers and the planet Saturn (from the models he has to hang from the ceiling). And he informed his class that Saturn is the Sixth planet from the Sun. I love these two kids!

Surprise, I’m five (months)!