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Month: September 2016

10 Months Old

dsc_0330Elise wasn’t feeling great today, but we had some uninterrupted time so I decided to try to fit in a quick photo shoot. I love that the box of number stickers advertises to just “peel, stick, and click.” If only it were that easy… The peel and stick part are pretty easy, but Elise likes to add in a number of substeps, namely, unstick, put in mouth, unstick, crumple in fist, unstick, put in hair, etc…

Waiting in my crib for Mommy to get the camera.
Examining the sticker and deciding whether I’m going to let Mommy stick it on me long enough for a picture.
How does this thing work?
It’s funny!


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Nine Months Old

20160903_105702A few days late on the picture and a month late on the posting (I’m back dating the post). The picture taken was a few days late to give Elise’s nose time to heal. She’s crawling and cruising and generally getting into everything she can get her hands on. The day she turned 9 months old, before I had gotten a picture, she managed to scrape right down the middle of her nose. It was a rough time with gravity that day as she also discovered not only does gravity cause her to fall down but it causes things she pulls down from over her head to fall down on top of her. The price of curiosity.


We discovered she had an ear infection at her 9 month medical checkup, but otherwise she got a good report. She weighed 16 pounds, 14 ounces (30% percentile), was 27 inches long (25th percentile), and had a head circumference of 43 centimeters (25th percentile). When she went back for an ear check 10 days later her weight was up to 17 pounds 7 ounces!





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