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Month: February 2017

Calvert County Science Expo

We had another great year at the Calvert County Science and Engineering Expo. Harlan enjoyed building a moving model of a dragon, watching drones fly, trying a flight simulation program, getting a name tag printed on a 3D printer, making a hand warmer, designing and testing a ping pong ball catapult, and many many other activities.

With all the activities, for some reason the only thing I took a picture of was bubbles.

Elise also enjoyed herself, doing her best to lose us in the crowd and enthusiastically pointing and attempting to grab every single balloon we passed by (and there were a lot of balloons) with a shout of “ball! ball!” She also took a moment to loiter on the stairs of the high school as if to give me a glimpse of the future.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from these two cute little munchkins! They headed off to daycare this morning in their pink and red outfits with valentines for their classmates and love notes from us.

Of course before they left I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures in front of the house. First my handsome young man, who wanted to be goofy. I don’t know why he decided to wear the snow boots this morning, but at least he dresses himself!Daddy got this pretty little girl dressed this morning. It was his first foray into tights. Under the onsie? Over the onsie? There was no question about the purple converse sneakers though.

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