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Month: May 2017

A Fun Visit With Friends

Elise loves to take selfies

We were so happy to have my college friend Katie, her husband Joe, and their daughter Jessie come visit for Memorial Day weekend. In addition to a number of other fun activities we went to the town festival. Harlan was such a good big buddy in helping not-quite-three-year-old Jessie through the bounce house maze. She was quite the brave soul to plunge in there with the other kids (although that final slide turns out is a bit intimidating). Elise really wanted to go in too, but I thought she might get trampled while trying to figure out how to navigate (aka having Harlan drag her over) obstacles bigger than herself. She would have tried though. She’s fearless.

Harlan celebrates upon exiting the bounce house
Elise has spotted something and cannot be bothered with posing for a picture

We also enjoyed a trip to the beach where I was not successful in getting a non-fuzzy picture of all three children’s faces in the same frame. No shock there.









After a number of outtakes I did get a shot of all three of them sitting on the porch though!

Happy Jessie, Bored Elise, Tired of Taking Pictures Harlan
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Harlan has started learning Tae Kwon Do

A few weeks ago Harlan started attending a beginner Tae Kwon Do class at the local community center. He seems to really enjoy it and so we decided to sign him up at the local dojo. Master Parker has been putting Harlan through some of the movements and Harlan has been learning them.  His block-punch-kick has improved as has his round-house kicks that he seems to naturally be able to do.  Here is a link to a video from today of Harlan finishing off his day of training with the first half of the first traditional form: Kibon Hana.

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