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Month: May 2019

Memorial Day Weekend trip to Ohio

We spent a fun Memorial Day weekend in Ohio visiting the Blaser family. Slideshow of photos below.

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There’s a gap in that smile!

Harlan lost his first tooth yesterday! It got knocked a bit loose awhile back due to some not-quite-identified trauma(s), but the new tooth is clearly visible just at the gum line, so it hung in there until it needed to! He finally twisted out yesterday himself while in the car riding to Elise’s school performance. He is very pleased with his new gap, and I have to say, his updated smile is just adorable! Our tooth fairy is a bit of a numismatist, so Harlan found two $2 bills under his pillow this morning, which he was also thrilled about. (Last night he asked to google “Is the tooth fairy real?” but I don’t think he really want to know and risk not getting anything for his tooth.) There will probably be some more payments coming soon too. The other front tooth is also a bit wiggly as is one of the bottom ones (which apparently you’re supposed to loose first).

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