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Christmas Morning 2019

Ahh yes, we probably all remember what it’s like to go to try sleep on Christmas Eve. You don’t really want to sleep but you know if you don’t Santa won’t come. Then you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re not sure if it’s too early to get up and check to see if he’s come or not. What you really need is one of those “a delivery has been made” notifications. Alas, technology has not kept up with demand on this front. And then you might have an obstacle waiting for you just outside your door…

Harlan was slowed, making it out of his room, on Christmas morning.

Lets just say that we heard the thump of a body hitting cardboard a fraction of a second after the jingle bells on the door knob went off. The bucket of “snow balls” also made a nice sound as they rained down on top of him and cascaded down the staircase. Ahh yes, Santa had come after all!