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Category: Attire


Harlan's bee hatI don’t know how much Harlan likes hats but he has certainly obtained his fair share of the market.  Within five minutes of being born he was given a hat.  Apparently the pink and blue striped hat was just not to his liking so after his first bath he received a second hat this time an oatmeal-colored hat with a small blue bow at the top.  You’d think that he would have had enough at this point; he owned more hats than days he’d been alive!  Of course he managed to get another hat, similar to the second, the next day just before going home.

The boy has hats.  Many outfits we bought for him came with… you guessed it… a hat.  Large beanies is what they actually look like but some of them have some flair.  It’s just amazing to me at how many hats the boy needs.  Of course the best one of all is the one pictured here made by a friend who actually studied bees!

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