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NE Road Trip 2019 – Day Four

“We’ll just get up early, pack up the car, and be on our way by 9.”  Those were the words that came out of Amanda’s mouth yesterday although I haven’t a clue what she was thinking.  We ended up on the road, bound for Camden, Maine, by 11 o’clock or so.

Harlan, who has spent all summer in camps wearing sandles, or nothing at all on his feet, realized that his hiking boots were a little too small.  Mind you, he realized this the day we left Maryland!  So Amanda had found an REI that was both along our route and had kid’s sized boots in stock and added that to our itinerary.  Mind you, a quick stop for boots shouldn’t take that long but, of course, we left there with everyone except a canoe.

Back on the road, traffic was busy near the population centers.  It was nice to finally get into Maine, although the twenty minutes we spent driving through New Hampshire wasn’t bad.

The first sign you see when entering Maine, besides the “Welcome” sign, is one that warns of the potential for moose on the roadway.  After hours of battling traffic, the last thing I want to think about right now is a moose darting out from the woods.

We’ve been in contact with our friends Dave, KB3RAN, and Lila who beat us to Maine by a few weeks.  I think the plan is to hook up with them tomorrow and maybe do some hiking and/or play on the radio.  We’ll see how that all plays out.

We arrived at camp after 7PM and setup our tent [at Camden Hills State Park campground].  We’re expecting bad weather tomorrow afternoon and night so we added on the garage to the tent for a little extra dry storage.

After eating spaghetti we all fell into our sleeping bags for a good night’s rest.

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NE Road Trip 2019 – Day Three

The adventure continues.  This is our last day in Connecticut and I wanted to get in a little more hiking.  We picked up Tilly and headed out towards the Appalachian Trail and Tenmile Rock.  The trail head we started at is just inside Connecticut at the New York state line.

The hike started well enough.  Cool stream crossings and nice paths through the ferns.  About halfway up the 1.25mi journey a mutiny occurred and I was left to hike the rest of the way by myself.  I continued the trek because I had brought radio gear with me to activate the summit for Summits on the Air (SOTA).  Once at the top, I setup  my radio and antenna and then realized I had forgotten my microphone!  My weakest mode of operation is CW using Morse Code but that is what I had available to me.  I ended up making five contacts before my batteries died.  By then the mutineers had eaten lunch and dessert at a local diner.  They came and collected me after I summoned them on the radio.  It was quite hot out there but I still met several thru hikers heading north.  One was waiting on a friend to pick him up for dinner.

On our way back to Tilly’s house we stopped for frozen yogurt.  Harlan saw a tank and had to investigate it.  It was pretty small for a tank.  The kids played a bit more at Tilly’s before we had to head out.

We stopped at a sandwich shop for supper and then headed to the camp for mandatory showers.  Tomorrow we head to Maine!

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NE Road Trip 2019 – Day Two

Everyone was up by 07:30.  No problems with tent camping so far.  Elise and Amanda swapped places at some point during the night.

Almost first on Harlan’s list this morning was to fall/jump/wade into the Housatonic River.  Within twelves hours he has now drenched two sets of clothes and both pairs of shoes we brought for him.  A fantastic start to the trip.  Now to go was whatever algae blooms off of him.

With everyone now clean, we headed out to meet Benjamin and Tilly for breakfast over in Southbury.  Chip’s is a family restaurant with huge portions and slick seats as Elise found out after disappearing under the table.

Our next adventure was Steep Rocks Preserve which has seemingly unlimited miles of trails and an old train tunnel that the kids enjoyed running through.  And then came another river.

The Shepaug River is different from the earlier waterway the kids “fell in”.  The Shepaug is shallow, fast moving, and filled with rocks and boulders.  Imaging a stream where you would find trout and you have the Shepaug.

Harlan was the first one in.  He had taken a few steps before Amanda said “roll up your shorts, your going to get them wet!”  Two more steps and he slipped and fell on his butt.  So much for dry clothes.  Elise rolled up her shorts but suffered a similar fate.  Tilly decided to just conceded and sat on a submerged rock.  The cousins played for a long time exploring the rocks, chasing crawdads, and tossing stones into the river.  By the time we left the kids were soaked, happy, and tired.  Then it was off for ice cream and playing at Tilly’s house.  We ended up staying, eating pizza, and heading back to camp around 9PM, or so.  All in all, a good day.

And a few photos of the adventures

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NE Road Trip 2019 – Day One

Today is a travel day.  Our destination is Kettletown State Park near Shelton, Connecticut.

Interstate driving ranks among the lowest forms of travel I know of (just better than flying).  Basically all of our driving was on busy interstates.  We did end up making one detour in northern New Jersey which took us through Palisades Interstate Park.  The overlooks available to those traveling north overlook the Hudson River and the villages along the New York shore.  It is a beautiful sight to behold although I wonder what it looks like up close.  I’d like to come back here and hike the paths in park.

We arrived at our campsite around 7PM, quickly pitched the tent, and removed the sleeping bags from their compression bags.  My brother Benjamin had invited us over for supper so we didn’t want to be too late.  After eating we talked for a few hours while the cousins played.  By the time we returned to our tent the kids were asleep.  And so ends Day One.

A few pictures from the day

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New England Road Trip 2019

Tomorrow starts our New England Road Trip 2019. A few years ago, Amanda and I made a similar trip up to Maine, camping along the way, and we felt it was time to do it again. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the driving and all the activities, but I’m hoping that the lack of a schedule will do me some good.

If you want to follow along on our adventure, feel free to use the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” feature on the right hand side of the screen or use your favorite RSS reader. All posts will be in the NE Road Trip 2019 category.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day Eighteen: New Hampshire to Connecticut

by Eric

It was a pretty uneventful day.  We packed up all of our stuff and reluctantly left our fluffy bed and headed out.  Our trip took us from New Hampshire, through Massachusetts, and into Connecticut.  The three-hour trip was made slightly easier by numerous “News from Lake Wobegon” episodes on CD that we brought with us.

Upon arriving in Roxbury we were greeted by family and started working on laundry.  My brother, sister-in-law, and niece came over so that my niece could go swimming.  I’m not sure why but she loves swimming in the unheated pool.  She loves to swim until well after her lips turn blue and you have to convince her it is past time to come out.  I decided to take a dip with her and, while I’m not sure if my lips were blue, I was definitely cold.

An excellent supper of steak, corn, and vegetables was served of which we ate our fill.  Now we are just relaxing, finishing up laundry, and enjoying being around family.

Tomorrow we head to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day 7: CT to RI

University of Connecticut

Today was our last day in Roxbury waking up in Gina and Mercer’s very comfortable guest bed. With a mattress. Ah. Back to tent camping now. We learned our lesson in DE Water Gap though and will not be camping on any more inclines, however slight they might appear. We spent that whole night sliding down to the end of the tent and periodically trying to claw our way back up in a sleepy stupor. As I type this we’re set up here at Burlingame State Park in Charlestown, RI. The camping area here is HUGE. There are 700+ sites and being a summer Friday night
it’s packed. Our campsite isn’t super private, but it’s spacious. It looks like this is the place for family gatherings. Some of the campsites have entire compounds of tents set up in them. Eric and I stopped on the way back from the bathroom (with quarter-operated showers) to watch an impromptu kickball game in a small field. Folks were having a lot of fun. Right now we’re cooking up some freeze dried meals in a bag. Supper was chicken and mashed potatoes and Eric is heating up one of the desserts we brought now- raspberry crumble. Yum.

On the way here from Roxbury, we stopped in Groton, CT, which is maybe about 40 minutes up the road from where we are now. We visited the Navy Submarine Museum and toured the USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the first Navy’s first nuclear-powered sub. We didn’t have much time to run through the museum before it closed at 5 p.m., but it was a neat stop. Then we went by the WWII Submariners Memorial to gather some information for a multicache that then took us onto the campus of the University of Connecticut, which was beautiful! It was a great stop and another example of why Geocaching is such a wonderful hobby since we would have never gone by there otherwise.

We also made a very exciting stop in Newington, CT where the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) headquarters is located. Eric submitted his QSL cards for his DXCC, which is an award for working and confirming at least 100 countries. He got a big certificate we’re going to try not to crush or lose in the car packed full of camping gear over the next two weeks and frame it when we get home.

Tomorrow we head to Massachusetts via Newport, RI.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day 6: Fun with Family

It rained last night, making for a muggy day today. We took it easy, walking around Roxbury a bit this morning. The countryside is just beautiful. I love the little rocky streams that abound here. In the afternoon, after Eric scratched in three games of pool, his brother’s wife and their little girl came over. At three and a half she is just as talkative and as smart as can be. And cute! She and Eric had fun splashing around in the chilly pool while I tried out Mercer’s Segway. Now we’re headed over to Eric’s brother’s house just down the road for supper. All in all a fun day!

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day Five: Roxbury Public Trust Lands

Today was a laid back day. We wandered around Roxbury visiting some of the public trust lands. Our first stop was at the Upper Falls where there are a series of small falls around large and small rocks in the river. We were able to climb out on the rocks and just sit and relax listening to the water rush by. Unfortunately we forgot to bring the camera with us so I guess we’ll have to just go back with the to be able to share the views.

We grabbed lunch at the market and moved on to a nearby public trust that has a two-mile loop and a mile and a half loop through the woods. A little stream runs through the middle of the trust which makes all kinds of relaxing noises. There were also a few geocaches in this area that we found.

We got back to the house around 4 PM and after getting cleaned up we ate supper with the family! A great day by any standard.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day Four: Waterfalls and Family

Up at 7:30AM and gone by 8:30AM. We have figured out how to get up, eat, pack up, and be gone in no time at all. Today’s agenda includes Dingmans Falls and a quick trip over to Connecticut to see family. We are excited to see everyone and, since this is Amanda’s first trip to Connecticut, we’ll be exploring all the public trust land we can.

We made two stops at waterfalls on the way up to I-84. The waterfalls represented the highest and second highest in the state of Pennsylvania. Not accounting for height they certainly were nice to look at as they made stops along the way to the bottom. The hike from the parking lots of each were fairly short but had some steep climbs.

We traveled north out of the park and made our way along the interstate toward the New York state line. Just before entering New York we stopped at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center and picked up some brochures and a map for our journey back through. We also made a stop at a small diner and, similar to most of our food stops, ate too much.

A quick two hours from there and we were landing in the small town of Roxbury. It was exciting to see everyone. Tomorrow I’m sure we will venture out of the house to go tour some of the public trust land. Mostly we’re just excited to be here and be able to catch up with everyone.

Friday we plan to leave for Rhode Island.

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