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29 Caches on the 29th

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Geocaching is an odd “sport”, if you will. It’s all about the numbers and then again, it’s all about the experiences. Today was a little bit of both.

The 29th of February is a special day for Geocachers. Those that are looking to put a find on every day of the year must wait four years for this day to come around so events are held, new caches are released, and general nonsense happens. Harlan had recently become interested in Geocaching, once again, and because he is now able to manage his own account and sign the log himself, we decided to maybe dip our toe back into the Geocaching world.

I thought it would be fun to try to find 29 caches on the 29th of February! That’s not necessarily a lot of finds but with two little kids in the back of the car, especially one that yells at you if you even consider trying to help buckle her in, this might be more of a challenge than one might think. Usually when one is out trying to do a numbers run they try to find a lot of park and grab (P&G) caches (basically a cache that you don’t really have to look for very hard and you can just drive up to, get out, sign the log, and move on to the next one quickly). I figured that Elise wouldn’t stand for this and the getting in and out of the car really wouldn’t make things fast so I went the entire opposite direction: we went for a hike. Yep, a numbers run included the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center with trails galore and the Beverly Triton Nature Park, again with lots of trails. This got the kids out of the car and we covered lots of distance looking for some really neat hides!

This isn’t to say we didn’t do some P&G caches as well. We actually did several of those on the way home after the sun had set and the kids were getting pretty tired. But that was okay, too. I’m happy to report that we ended the evening with 29 finds, along with a few DNFs. The kids had fun, which was important, and we were all able to get out and get some fresh air. So what’s on the agenda for next weekend? Maybe just one park and not the road trip… 🙂

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May Geocaching Goals

I was taking a look at my past finds statistics and found that most of my finds occur in May.  I guess the trend starts mid-April but May is really when the numbers start flowing in.  I guess this is because the weather is turning warmer and I’m ready to get outside.  This May wasn’t any different.  I’ve spent the past few months staring out the window waiting for temperatures to increase enough to not have to wear four layers of clothing just to be comfortable.  I’m also coming off of a fairly long hiatus from Geocaching meaning that my caching-sense isn’t what it used to be.

To combat the winter cabin fever and to help get my caching numbers up where they should be I’ve established a few goals for May:

  1. Break my record of nine consecutive days finding a cache.
  2. Find 100 caches in the month.
  3. Start doing some of these mystery caches that seem to plague Anne Arundel County.

I’d also like to increase my annual cache count.  I’ve never found, on average, one cache per day per year.  Back in 2007 I got close by finding 280 caches that year (0.7671 caches per day).  Really this shouldn’t be difficult and maybe I’ll get lucky and double that!

So I’m four days into the month and it’s the first weekend, how am I doing?  Well, I’ve found a cache every day of this month (actually since 30 April) and I’ve added thirteen new caches to my list of finds.  I’ve even found a cache series that I’m really interested in: the Cold War Caches.  I attempted three of these today but only came up with two of the finds.

So we’ll see how things go through the month and hopefully I’ll meet my goals.  It should be fun trying anyway!

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A Hike and a Geocache

We’re apparently not wearing Harlan out enough during the day since he’s still waking up every two hours at night and being quite fussy about going back to sleep, but we’ve been trying. Saturday we took him for his first hike in the woods. It was a bit chilly out, but strapped into the carrier on Eric’s chest I don’t think he had any idea. In fact, Eric was sweating from the additional body heat. Harlan,as he did for his first walk around the neighborhood, slept through the entire excursion, including our narration about what there was to see. He did wake up on the way home, including the stop to “find” his first geocache though. Here he is posing with the cache.

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