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NE Road Trip 2019 – Day Four

“We’ll just get up early, pack up the car, and be on our way by 9.”  Those were the words that came out of Amanda’s mouth yesterday although I haven’t a clue what she was thinking.  We ended up on the road, bound for Camden, Maine, by 11 o’clock or so.

Harlan, who has spent all summer in camps wearing sandles, or nothing at all on his feet, realized that his hiking boots were a little too small.  Mind you, he realized this the day we left Maryland!  So Amanda had found an REI that was both along our route and had kid’s sized boots in stock and added that to our itinerary.  Mind you, a quick stop for boots shouldn’t take that long but, of course, we left there with everyone except a canoe.

Back on the road, traffic was busy near the population centers.  It was nice to finally get into Maine, although the twenty minutes we spent driving through New Hampshire wasn’t bad.

The first sign you see when entering Maine, besides the “Welcome” sign, is one that warns of the potential for moose on the roadway.  After hours of battling traffic, the last thing I want to think about right now is a moose darting out from the woods.

We’ve been in contact with our friends Dave, KB3RAN, and Lila who beat us to Maine by a few weeks.  I think the plan is to hook up with them tomorrow and maybe do some hiking and/or play on the radio.  We’ll see how that all plays out.

We arrived at camp after 7PM and setup our tent [at Camden Hills State Park campground].  We’re expecting bad weather tomorrow afternoon and night so we added on the garage to the tent for a little extra dry storage.

After eating spaghetti we all fell into our sleeping bags for a good night’s rest.

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New England Road Trip 2019

Tomorrow starts our New England Road Trip 2019. A few years ago, Amanda and I made a similar trip up to Maine, camping along the way, and we felt it was time to do it again. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the driving and all the activities, but I’m hoping that the lack of a schedule will do me some good.

If you want to follow along on our adventure, feel free to use the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” feature on the right hand side of the screen or use your favorite RSS reader. All posts will be in the NE Road Trip 2019 category.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day Eighteen: New Hampshire to Connecticut

by Eric

It was a pretty uneventful day.  We packed up all of our stuff and reluctantly left our fluffy bed and headed out.  Our trip took us from New Hampshire, through Massachusetts, and into Connecticut.  The three-hour trip was made slightly easier by numerous “News from Lake Wobegon” episodes on CD that we brought with us.

Upon arriving in Roxbury we were greeted by family and started working on laundry.  My brother, sister-in-law, and niece came over so that my niece could go swimming.  I’m not sure why but she loves swimming in the unheated pool.  She loves to swim until well after her lips turn blue and you have to convince her it is past time to come out.  I decided to take a dip with her and, while I’m not sure if my lips were blue, I was definitely cold.

An excellent supper of steak, corn, and vegetables was served of which we ate our fill.  Now we are just relaxing, finishing up laundry, and enjoying being around family.

Tomorrow we head to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day 17: Exeter, N.H.

Although it was overcast all day today, the rain held off for us to explore some in Portsmouth, only about 25 minutes from where we’re staying in Exeter. We had lunch in the downtown area, but with the skies looking threatening and all the road construction occurring (why would they do that during tourist season?) we didn’t walk around much. We did go to the Fort Constitution State Historic Site located on New Castle Island. The area was originally the site of Fort William and Mary, an earthwork fort constructed in 1632, and later renamed Fort Constitution.
We also strolled around Exeter a bit stopping in at a snack bar in what used to be a movie theatre but closed when fire regulations changed and it would have had to add sprinklers. Eric had a strawberry ice cream cone, fulfilling our New Hampshire ice cream consumption requirement (we’ve made a point of stopping for ice cream in every state we’ve passed through), although the lady behind the snack bar counter volunteered that it was actually made in Rhode Island. It was delicious, as was my piece of apple pie, which was the last one. Yum.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day 16: Arrived in Portsmouth

I’m writing this from the Exeter Inn where we’ll be enjoying sleeping on a bed with an actual mattress tonight. It’s a cute inn. Housekeeping delivered cookies a few hours ago as an evening snack and we went down and had a drink at the bar. We haven’t explored the town at all, and they’re calling for rain tomorrow, so I don’t know how much we’ll see. We had planned to head into Portsmouth for the day.

It was a fairly uneventful day. We stopped in Portland, ME on the way to New Hampshire. We took a tour of the observatory that was built 200 years ago to signal that ships were coming into the harbor. The downtown waterfront area was busy and parking was tough to find, so we didn’t stay long. We did walk along the waterfront for a bit though and saw the train run by the Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum.

We also had a bit of a scare just before our final toll plaza ($4.75 total for the day). The car right behind us suddenly turned almost 180-degrees in the middle of the Interstate. When it finally stopped an 18-wheeler hit it but didn’t look like it did much damage. Luckily, traffic wasn’t moving very fast, so it looked like everyone was fine, but it was a shock being so close to the crash. And in another unexpected toll plaza happening, in Maine we passed those portable orange diamond signs that said “survey crew ahead.” However, much to our amusement, instead of coming upon guys using those tripod-looking leveling equipment and whatnot, we stopped at the toll plaza to find people in orange vests handing out actual surveys about our toll road usage. Handy they already had applicable signs.

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NE Road Trip 2010 – Day 16: En Route to N.H.

We’re enjoying another breakfast at the Common Good Cafe where it’s a little hectic this morning due to the crowd, most of whom are unfamiliar with the partly do-it-yourself procedure. We’re sitting next to a nice retired couple who are originally from NY but are living in Florida now and are frequent Maine visitors. The guy at the table on the other side is a retired finance professor from Tennessee on his first trip to New England. It’s fun to be in the type of place where nobody is rushing you to leave and it’s perfectly acceptable to have a long multi-table conversation. After breakfast we’re headed to Portsmouth, NH where we’re going to enjoy a shower at the inn where we have reservations since we decided not to take advantage of the quarter-operated showers at the camp store down the road ($1 for three minutes, $480 for the whole day, as the park service employee who checked us in noted). In keeping with theme of “P” cities I think we’ll stop in Portland, ME along the way too just because we can.

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