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Calvert Science and Engineering Expo 2018

We had another wonderful year at the Calvert County Science and Engineering Expo at Calvert High School. They do a fantastic job putting this on every year. There are so many activities you can’t even do them all in the four hours the expo lasts. Plus it’s wonderful for the littler kids to see all the high schoolers enthusiastic about their various fields of study. One of Harlan’s first activities was driving some remote controlled… things… Even Elise got to fly a little drone. The young lady running the table was completely unphased at her age (or maybe she saw the “genius” shirt and knew she could handle it). They did a number of little science experiments like extracting DNA from a strawberry and blowing up a balloon with the carbon dioxide produced from mixing vinegar and baking soda. Harlan also put on some gloves and touched various cow innards from eyeballs to the heart (I’m sure Elise would have too but she was exhausted by then with no nap). They both made aluminum foil boats and loaded up marbles (Elise dropping them in by the handful from about 7 inches up- not the best technique if you want your boat to stay afloat), and Harlan built a little catapult and shot paper balls at a target (Elise had a great time dodging the shots and collecting all the paper wads). We all had a fantastic time, and are already looking forward to next year.

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And a movie:

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Calvert County Science Expo

We had another great year at the Calvert County Science and Engineering Expo. Harlan enjoyed building a moving model of a dragon, watching drones fly, trying a flight simulation program, getting a name tag printed on a 3D printer, making a hand warmer, designing and testing a ping pong ball catapult, and many many other activities.

With all the activities, for some reason the only thing I took a picture of was bubbles.

Elise also enjoyed herself, doing her best to lose us in the crowd and enthusiastically pointing and attempting to grab every single balloon we passed by (and there were a lot of balloons) with a shout of “ball! ball!” She also took a moment to loiter on the stairs of the high school as if to give me a glimpse of the future.

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Chatting with the grands

Harlan chatting with the grands.
Harlan chatting with the grands.

When I was growing up my grandparents were either a letter, long-distance phone call, or a long drive away (until I moved closer to one set).  Now days the grandparents can visit (virtually) with the grand-kids anytime they want just by clicking a few buttons on their computer.  No longer does an eight-hour drive separate Harlan from his grandparents in South Carolina.  Every week Harlan gets to see and talk to them (and vice versa) for as long as he (and they) wish.  He also keeps up with his aunts in Canada this way which helps keep everyone a little closer.  The only thing better would be that Star Trek transporter although we might be waiting a bit longer for that.

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