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Month: November 2017

First Report Card

Harlan brought home his first report card the other day! We had a parent-teacher conference at the end of the first quarter, so there was nothing unexpected really, but it was neat to get the official piece of paper. He is, of course, doing very well. He’s having some trouble sitting still and being quiet during instructional time, which he and the teacher both seem to agree is partially due to the fact that he’s getting bored. She has him in the most advanced small groups, so he’s engaged there, it’s just the whole class learning time. They sent home another sight word list the other day for practice, which he rattled off in exasperation, moaning that they spend an entire week learning one word. I feel for him. He’s a quick learner, and it must be very frustrating.

With the exception of his frustration at the level and speed of the material being taught, he seems to enjoy kindergarten. He loves riding the bus, and has made friends with the little boy who sits with him and another girl from a different kindergarten class. There’s also a first-grader in our neighborhood who gets on and off at the same stop who he enjoys playing with. At school, his classmates seem to all get along. He hasn’t had anything bad to say about anybody. He enjoys gym and art class particularly, and while he doesn’t seem particularly pumped about music class, he often comes home singing songs I presume he has learned there. There seems to be a fair amount of singing (and dancing) in his regular kindergarten class too, which his teacher reports he does not partake in, standing to the side and watching his classmates as if to say “Hope you’re having fun. I will not be participating in this foolishness.” She described him as “an intellectual” at our parent-teacher conference. I think he just takes after his dad in that he is not going to be forced into doing something he doesn’t want to do. He dances like a madman at home.

I’ve been pleased how kindergarten has really inspired him to read and sound out words on his own as well as write notes at home of his own accord. His teacher described him as “quite the intelligent young man” and wrote on his report card: “His ability to write sentences so strongly this early in the year shows promise that he will develop into a wonderful writer as the year progresses.” Even though he’s not getting any awards for most well-behaved, we’re quite proud of him. Not that he’ll sit still and stay quiet long enough to hear us say it…

Showing Daddy one of the classroom iPads on Back to School night.


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