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Month: November 2019

Assorted Fall Activities

Time for a catch-all blog post for September through today so I can feel officially caught up.

Of course there’s the neighborhood beach…

A hike at the Chestnut Land Trust is always a hit, especially pulling the floating platform across the river.

One recent Saturday we had just left the Smithsonian Educational Research Center from learning about microbes when Eric got a call-out to search for a missing elderly person. Since we were in one car, we all drove over to the search area and dropped him off. Then the kids and I decided to visit Oxon Cove Park and Farm since it was just up the road. We were the only ones there when we arrived and they enjoyed running around to see all the animals.

Native American Heritage Day at Jefferson Patterson Park was this Saturday. Both kids enjoyed the archery. Elise had fun painting with paint made from local rock/clay. Harlan made beads with clay that they fired in a campfire. He also enjoyed using the stone and wood tools. They both crushed a bunch of acorns using rocks. Thanks to the clay they both managed to get dirty just in time for the afternoon activity, which was Science Saturday at the library learning about soil. Yes, we showed up pre-soiled. 🙂

Other randomness:

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We made a last-minute decision to join a friend for a drive out to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park to see the Fall colors. It was a bit chilly- Harlan acquired a park sweatshirt from the gift shop due to not dressing appropriately for the weather. We also were far from the only people to decide it would be a good day to see the fall colors, so it was kinda crowded. All in all a nice trip though.

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We accumulated a number of pumpkins this year, including making a special trip to a local pumpkin patch for Harlan to pick out pumpkins for a school project

His project was to decorate a pumpkin to look like a book character and write a report on the book. He chose a book out of the My Weird School series. I helped with making the shirt while he enjoyed drilling holes in the pumpkin for the pipe cleaner hair. Elise, who was watching, was quite distraught when we dismembered an action figure to get the arms and legs to stick onto the small gourd Harlan picked out to recreate Striker Smith from the book.

Oh, and we trick-or-treated. Elise wore a hand-me-down skunk costume from her cousin Vaughn and Harlan donned a dinosaur costume we acquired earlier in the year from his Destination Imagination project. Neither of them particularly cared what they wore, just that they ended up with a bucket full of candy.

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